About Pop Star Parties


Hi there! Welcome to the site.My name is Nya, I am a trained dancer and dance teacher and have taught children for 20 years (started young!). I set up Pop Star Parties at the request of parents back in 2001. Since then we have conducted hundreds of successful parties and spend every weekend at parties! Do look at our  We now do Pop Star Parties and Fairy
Princess Parties.

Our Pop Star Parties are for children that enjoy dancing, putting shows together and having lot of fun and games with their friends  Parents like us because we are experienced, professional, insured, reliable, "a family team", and have lots of great feedback.  Children and young people like us because we are young, fun, up-to-date, enthusiastic, love what we do and are great dancers!

The main point of our Pop Star Party  is putting together a fun, original choreographed "show" for the end of the party.  We are not a freestyle party or disco. The emphasis is on fun all the way but there is a sense of achievement at the end of the party and a bit of a goal to work towards!  The children love showing parents and friends at the end what they have put together.  Depending on the age group there is
also a lot of games, some dressing up in accessories, singing, mini makeovers etc.  We can also theme the games, dance and fun towards the children's current favourites like High School Musical, Hannah Montanna, Mamma Mia, Grease etc!

We also do Fairy Princess Parties for younger children.  We do the party as if we are going to "fairy school" for the duration of the party.  The 1.5 hours includes lots of games, role play, dancing, singing, glitter, storytime, drawing etc.  The children enjoy dressing up as fairies, princesses or elves and they are really lovely, popular parties.  We can do a one hour party if you would prefer when the children are very